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 I did not realize until much after the training how powerful it really was.  I feel absolutely blessed to have had the opportunity to do my yoga teacher training with Laurie.

Leslie R.

Phil’s humanity reaches some unknown corners of myself that were craving to be seen and experienced.

Marie L.

I love Stéphane’s classes.  His teaching style is paced beautifully, and his instruction is clear, engaging and always offers incrementally more challenging options.  An authentic and kind-hearted professional

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The 5 months I spent training with Laurie were beyond inspiring for me.  I just wanted to share and tell you how grateful I am that I met you.

Lynne E.

Phil poured his heart and soul into his program and I am grateful to practice under his guidance. This journey opened the doors to new beginnings in my life.

Marie-Anne A.

Stéphane is a fantastic yoga teacher.  I have taken both Yin training and Advanced Yin yoga training with him and highly recommend him as a teacher.

Carol C.
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